Members of the IHFFC

In conformity with Article 90 of Protocol I, the depositary - Switzerland - convenes at intervals of five years a meeting of representatives of the High Contracting Parties for the purpose of electing the Members of the Commission. The Members are elected by secret ballot from a list of persons to which each of the High Contracting Parties may nominate one person.

The Members of the Commission serve in their personal capacity and hold office until the election of new Members at ensuing meeting. In case of a casual vacancy, the Commission itself shall fill it, having due regard to the provisions of Article 90 of Protocol I and to the Rules of the Commission.

According to the Rules of the Commission (Rule 1, 2), before taking up his / her duties, each Member shall make the following solemn declaration:

«I will exercise my functions as a Member of this Commission impartially, conscientiously and in accordance with the provisions of the Protocol and these Rules, including those concerning secrecy.»

The current Members were elected at the meeting of the High Contracting Parties which was held on 8 December 2016, in Berne.

The President, the 1st Vice-President and the three Vice-Presidents constitute together the Bureau. They were elected by the fifteen members of the Commission during the first Annual Meeting of the new Commission (20 February 2017, Geneva).

Current Members of the IHFFC





























The members of the IHFFC (from the left to the right side):


First row: Vice-President Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Al Kamali (United Arab Emirates), First Vice-President Dr. Elzbieta Mikos-Skuza (Poland), President Prof. Thilo Marauhn (Germany), Vice-President Dr. Robin McNeill Love (United Kingdom), Vice-President Ambassador Alfredo Labbé (Chile)

Last row: Prof. Rachid Belhadj (Algeria), Prof. Francisco Rey Marcos (Spain), Dr. Réka Varga (Hungary), Prof. Stelios Perrakis (Greece), Dr. Åsa Molde (Sweden), Dr. Justinas Žilinskas (Lithuania), Attorney Laurence Boillat (Switzerland), Prof. Mario J.A. Oyarzábal (Argentina), Prof. Shuichi Furuya (Japan), Dr. Abdulla Rashid S.A. Al-Naimi (Qatar)

Details (Curriculum vitaes)

Thilo Marauhn


President of the IHFFC (since 20 February 2017)


Member since 2012

Thilo Marauhn

Professor, Dr.iur., M. Phil. - Born 1963 in Lüdenscheid.

He studied law at the Universities of Mannheim, Bonn and Heidelberg and International Relations at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK.

From 1990 to 2001, Thilo Marauhn was a research assistant/fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International law, Heidelberg.

He passed his state examination in law at Heidelberg (1990), obtained the Diploma in International Law and Relations at Aberystwyth (1986), the doctorate in law (Dr.iur.) at Heidelberg (1994), the Master of Philosophy at Aberystwyth (1995) and the "Habilitation" at Frankfurt/Main (2000).

He worked as Professor of European Law at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, in 2001. Since 2001, Thilo Marauhn has been a Professor of Public Law, International and European Law at the University of Giessen, Germany, and Permanent Visiting Professor of Constitutional Theory at the University of Lucern, Switzerland. In addition, he was visiting professor / lecturer at the following universities: University of Bergen (Norway), University of Lapland (Rovaniemi, Finland), University of Warwick (UK), Northwest University (Potchefstroom, South Africa), University of Wisconsin (Madison/USA), Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brazil).

Thilo Marauhn participated as project leader in a number of international research projects, including projects on private military and security compagnies (2008-2011) and on the legal status of unmanned aerial vehicles (2010-2012). He also served as a coordinator of various projects networking African Universities (since 2009).

He is Chair of the Governing Board of the African Law Association (Gesellschaft für afrikanisches Recht, since 2009). Thilo Marauhn is also Vice-Chair of the Commission for International Humanitarian Law, German Red Cross.

Apart from acting as a consultant for the German Government and International Organizations, Thilo Marauhn served on the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (Chairperson 2006-2009) and he is a Member of the Advisory Board of the German Foreign Office to the United Nations.

Elzbieta Mikos-Skuza
1st Vice-President of the IHFFC (since 20 February 2017)


Member since 2001
Elzbieta Mikos-Skuza

Elzbieta Mikos-Skuza was born in 1959. In 1982 she graduated with distinction from the Faculty of Law, University of Warsaw (Poland).

She studied also at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague (The Netherlands) where she attended two post-graduate programs: in International Law and Development (diploma with distinction in 1985) and in Development, Law and Social Justice (diploma in 1985).
In 1991 she obtained a doctor's degree in law from the University of Warsaw.

Since 1982 she has been working - with few breaks due to her studies and maternity leaves - at the Faculty of Law, University of Warsaw as a lecturer in public international law. She lectures occasionally at other universities and colleges, e.g. Polish Academy of National Defense, College of Europe, University of Rovaniemi in Finland.

Elzbieta Mikos-Skuza is an author of publications (text-books and articles) on public international law in general and international humanitarian law of armed conflicts in particular.

She serves as an expert to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 1981 she has been volunteering with the Polish Red Cross. At present she is a vice-president of the PRC, member of its national board, president of the PRC Commission for International Humanitarian Law being responsible, among others, for international and national IHL courses organized by the PRC. She is an expert of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in numerous think tanks, panels and working groups.

She is also a member of the San Remo International Institute of Humanitarian Law and of the International Law Association Committee on the Use of Force. In 2001 she was elected a member of the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission. Since 2002 she has been a vice-president of the Commission.

Elzbieta Mikos-Skuza is married and has two children.

Publications: Link

Mohamed Mahmoud
Al Kamali

Vice-President of the IHFFC
(since 3 April 2012)

Member since 2012

Justice. Dr Mohamed Mahmoud Al Kamali is General Director of the institute of training and Judicial Studies in Abu Dhabi, UAE. (Under Secretary of Minister of Justice).


In his capacity as manager of the institute, he is responsible for applying the plan outlined by the scientific board of the Institute and representing the country in the international and local conferences on Judicial Training and studies and other legal issues. He is also a lecturer of the institute.


Dr Al-Kamali was appointed as Director of the Judicial Inspection Department in the Ministry of Justice from 2000 to 2004. He supervised the practical training in the University Of UAE in the educational court from 1998 to 2000. He also held the position of the Chief of the Federal Court of First Instance in Al-Ain from 1997 to 2000. Furthermore; he was an Appeal Judge in the Appeal Court of Ajman from 1996 to 1997. He was appointed as a Senior Judicial Inspector in the Ministry of Justice from 1995 to 1996. He worked from 1987 to 1990 as an assistant Judge, in a mandatory state, General Prosecutor in Al-Ain Prosecution.


Dr. Al-Kamali holds a Bachelor in law from the college of Sharia and Law, UAE University (1987). He also has a Diploma in International Commercial Law. Dr. Kamali also holds a PhD in Law (1995) and his area of expertise is related to "Development of Intellectual Property in the UAE".


He is a member in many organizations and societies:

  • Member of Committees to review federal laws in ministry of Chairman of Legal Negotiating Team in FTA Negotiations between UAE, USA and with Australia.
  • Chairman of GCC Patents office.
  • Vice-Chairman of the National Committee of international Humanitarian Law.
  • Member of Arab Women's Association of International humanitarian Law.
  • National Coordinator for Axis of Judicial Development and Verdicts Enforcement under the care of UNDP.
  • Member of the National Anti-Money Laundering Committee.
  • UAE Representative in the International Humanitarian Fact – Fining Commission.

Dr. Al Kamali is a member and the chairman of the UAE delegation team participating in many International and regional conferences , workshops and meetings related to different legal and judicial subjects like (organized crime , International Criminal Court , money laundering , corruption , crime of aggression, transitional justice, confronting counterfeiting and piracy, criminal's extradition and judicial and legal cooperation, judicial system and court administration, intellectual property law , cyber crimes , International Humanitarian Law).


Dr. Al Kamali is the author of numerous publications on intellectual property, trademarks, corruption, reconciliation committee, money laundering and International Humanitarian Law.

Alfredo Labbé
Vice-President of the IHFFC

(since 20 February 2017)


Member since 2017

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Robin McNeill Love

Vice-President of the IHFFC

(since 20 February 2017)


Member since 2017

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Shuichi Furuya


Member since 2012

Shuichi Furuya is a professor of international law and his major fields of research are international criminal law, humanitarian law and human rights law. He is a full time professor of law at Waseda Law School and currently an Associate Dean for Academic and International affairs.

He was born in 1958 and graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law, Tokyo, in 1981. He obtained an LL.M. from Waseda University Graduate School of Law in 1983. He was also a visiting professor of the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) at Utrecht University, and a visiting fellow of the Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law at Cambridge University.

He is a Co-Rapporteur of the Committee on Reparation for Victims of Armed Conflict, International Law Association (ILA). In this capacity, he has been making comparative researches on mass claim procedures which were established after international or non-international armed conflicts and to which individual victims of violations of international humanitarian law were entitled to submit their claims for damages. Accordingly, he is currently drafting Procedural Standards for Reparation Mechanisms. He is also a member of Editorial Boards of Netherlands Quarterly of Human Rights and of Japanese Yearbook of International Law. He serves for various academic societies including the Executive Council of Japan Chapter of the Asian Society of International Law, the Executive Council of the Japanese Society of International Law and the Science Council of Japan.

He published more than 50 articles in English and Japanese on international criminal law and humanitarian law including the topics of reparation for victims of armed conflicts, participation of victims to international criminal justice and a model statute of ad hoc international compensation commission etc.


Abdulla Rashid S.A. Al-Naimi

Member since 2017

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Stelios Perrakis
Member since 2001
Stelios Perrakis

  • Professor of International and European Institutions, Department of International and European Studies at Panteion University (Athens)
  • Director, European Centre of Research and Training on Human Rights and Humanitarian Action, Panteion University
  • J. Monnet Chair "Democracy and Human Rights in the EU"
  • UNESCO Chair "Democracy, human rights and peace"
  • Director, Programme of Post-Graduate Studies, Department of International and European Studies
  • E.MA (Human Rights and Democratisation) Director for Panteion University of Athens
  • Advocate, Member of the Athens Bar (1975-)
  • Former Secretary General of European Affairs, Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (February 1996 – May 2000)
  • Greek Representative in the EU Intergovernmental Conference of 1996-1997
  • Delegate of Greece in various international conferences and institutions (1983 - ) in particular in the European Union (Presidencies of Greece during 1983, 1988, 1994), United Nations, Council of Europe
  • Member, European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), Council of Europe, (2003 - )
  • Member, International Humanitarian Fact-finding Commission (2002 - )
  • Member, Commission of Inquiry on Lebanon of the UN Human Rights Council (September-November 2006)
  • Member of the National Commission on Human Rights (2000-2005)
  • Chairman of the Hellenic Commission for the Implementation and Dissemination of International Humanitarian Law (2000-2005)
  • President of the Hellenic Society of International Law and International Relations
  • Member of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law (San Remo)
  • Visiting Professor and Lecturer in various Universities and other Institutions in Europe
  • Lecturer at the Diplomatic Academy of the Hellenic MFA, at the War Schools of the Hellenic Armed Forces and the Police Academy
  • Member of various academic societies and institutions (Société Française de Droit International, International Law Association, International Institute of Humanitarian Law etc.)
  • Author of 280 publications (books, studies, articles, reports etc.) concerning issues of International Law, International Protection of Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, European Law and Integration, Hellenic Foreign Policy etc.

Rachid Belhadj
Member since 2017

   Will be updated in due course.  

Laurence Boillat

Member since 2017

Licenciée en droit de l'Université de Fribourg et titulaire d'un brevet d'avocate, Laurence Boillat a passé les vingt années de sa carrière professionnelle dans le domaine de la poursuite pénale auprès de diverses institutions étatiques en Suisse, étant active également en parallèle comme présidente d'un tribunal militaire en tant qu'officier supérieur de l'armée suisse.

A la tête de la Police judiciaire du canton du Jura de 1998 à 2003, elle travaille pour l'Office fédéral de la police (fedpol) jusqu'en 2006, au sein de l'Etat-major pour le développement international et la gestion des crises en charge des dossiers stratégiques de coopération policière. Puis elle décide de mettre à profit son expérience policière en intégrant une autorité judiciaire, en l'occurrence le Ministère public de la Confédération où elle reste active jusqu'à fin 2015, avant de rejoindre le Ministère public du canton de Vaud. En tant que Procureure fédérale, Laurence Boillat a été responsable de l'enquête, de l'instruction et de l'accusation de procédures pénales nationales ou d'entraide judiciaire en lien avec la criminalité financière, le blanchiment d'argent, le crime organisé, la protection de l'Etat ou le terrorisme. Dès 2011, elle s'est spécialisée dans la poursuite pénale en Suisse des crimes internationaux que sont les crimes de guerre, les crimes contre l'humanité et le génocide, dirigeant à partir de 2012 le Centre de compétences Droit pénal international mis en place à cet effet.

Membre du Pool suisse d'experts pour la promotion civile de la paix et du Justice Rapid Response tous deux soutenus par le Département fédéral des affaires étrangères, Laurence Boillat a eu l'occasion de participer à la Commission internationale indépendante d'enquête de l'ONU à Beyrouth en 2005, aux Commissions d'enquête du Haut-Commissariat aux droits de l'homme à Conakry en 2009 et à Abidjan en 2011, ainsi qu'à deux missions à Bamako en juillet 2014 et en octobre 2015 en vue de soutenir les autorités judiciaires maliennes dans la poursuite des crimes de guerre commis sur leur territoire. Laurence Boillat est également membre de la Commission suisse pour l'UNESCO où elle s'occupe en particulier de la protection des biens culturels dans le cadre des conflits armés. 

Åsa Molde
Member since 2017

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Mario J.A.


Member since 2017

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Francisco Rey Marcos

 Member Since 2017



Francisco Rey has a Diploma on Sciences (Biology) with a specialisation on Public Health and a Master Degree on International Relations. He has been a Co-director, researcher and consultant at IECAH (Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action) in Spain since 2000, where he is a founder and member of the Board. He is in charge of research activities, training courses at different universities, co-operation with humanitarian NGO´s, and consultancy for different institutions, including the DG ECHO, the Spanish Government, the Dutch Government, the Spanish Red Cross, and MSF. He is currently a member of the Board of INSPIRE Consortium (IECAH, Groupe URD, HPG-ODI and GPPi) and works for DG ECHO in policy issues and training.

His previous experience was on the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement where he has developed different responsibilities from 1986 to 2001. He has also completed research and teaching activities in some Spanish, European and Colombian Universities including Complutense de Madrid, Deusto – Bilbao NOHA, Barcelona, Castellón, Granada, Comillas, Pavía, Los Andes.

In addition, Mr. Francisco Rey Field has experience in different conflict and emergency contexts. He has served in Mozambique, Colombia, Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, India, and the Philippines. In the last years, he has focused some of his research and consultancy in Colombia through cooperation with OCHA and NOREF on issues related to the humanitarian aspects in the peace process.

Member of ALNAP (Active Learning Network on Accountability and Performance of Humanitarian Action). Member of the Center of Studies of International Humanitarian Law of Spanish Red Cross (CEDDIH). Member of the Board of the Humanitarian Studies Institute in Colombia (IEH).

Réka Varga
Member since 2017

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Justinas Žilinskas
Member since 2012
Justinas Žilinskas

Justinas Žilinskas is born in 1974, in Vilnius, Lithuania.


He studied law at Vilnius University (Criminal Law specialization) (1997) and holds a Ph.D degree from Mykolas Romeris University (Vilnius) (2001).


He currently serves as professor at the Department of International and EU Law at Mykolas Romeris University, Vilnius where he teaches the following courses: International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, and Introduction to Comparative Law.


He is member of the National IHL Implementation Commission under the Ministry of Defense since 2003. He is Member or acting as an expert for various Government-level working groups on International Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law as well as European Court of Human Rights matters. Dr. Žilinskas is a lecturer at the Baltic Summer Academy of International Humanitarian Law (from 2003). From 2001 to 2005 he acted as a Senior Advisor and the Head of the International Law and EU Law Section at the Legal Department of the Office of the Seimas (Parliament) of Lithuania. From 2007 to 2009 he was Head of International Relations Department, Senior Research Fellow at Law Institute of Lithuania. Dr Žilinskas is an acting expert for the Lithuanian Academy of Science (from 2011).


Since 2011, he is a member of the Lithuanian National Group of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (Hague).


Justinas Žilinskas is also locally known as young adult fiction writer and free-lance publicist.

Former Members
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