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  ·  18 April 2004
The Republic of Korea recognises the competence of the IHFFC [18/04/2004]
On 16 April 2004, the Government of the Republic of Korea recognised the competence of the IHFFC. The Republic of Korea is the 66th State to have done so.

  ·  21 February 2004
Promotional mission by the IHFFC to central and east Africa [21/02/2004]
A delegation of the IHFFC, including Dr. Ghalib Djiliali, 1st Vice-President, and Ambassador Juan Antonio Ya˝ez Barnuevo, 2nd Vice-President, accompanied by a member of the Secretariat, Mr Daniel Derzic, have undertaken a promotional mission to Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Niger and Senegal.

In all four countries, the delegation held very constructive meetings with high-ranking government officials as well as with the Presidents or Vice-Presidents of the National Red Cross Societies and members of civil society active in this area. The delegation took pains to point out that of the 66 countries world-wide to have recognised the competence of the Commission only 10 are African, and that Africa is represented in the Commission by only one member. In view of this situation, it invited these States to recognise the competence of the Commission as soon as possible.

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